>>Philadelphia's City Citation Award Nov'2019>> City Council Office  

Named by Philadelphia Councilman at Large David Oh and Grammy award winning producers as one of  the top “5 World Music Artists" PHL Live 2019”, they have impressed the audience with their voices and story every time they have been on stage.



Serene & Salinas are musician keynote speakers*, innovative freelancers, singer/songwriters advocates of Peace, Love and Harmony through their music. They believe that music is a language that transcends every corner of the earth with Love. A dynamic duo, conscious of their Cuban and Argentinean roots, Serene & Salinas's music invokes passion.



Singers, composers and producers, Serene & Salinas offer a solid and bold mix of  contemporary pop music and Cuban Rhythms, a captivating sound, a fresh scent of inspiration in the music scene.

Their most recent debut Singles can be found on youtube (Independent Production, 2021) and especially their high vibe live shows are constantly  conquering a diverse amount of audiences from Philadelphia to Miami.  


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