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Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, FL. Serene began performing at the age of 10 in her local community and schools, dancing, singing, acting and taught herself the piano at the age of 13. At the age of 23, she began her professional career as a Performer, Musician, and Singer-Songwriter. With featured performances on tv shows on known television networks such as Telemundo and AmericaTeve. Coming from a financially struggling family, Serene learned from a very young age how to fight to make her dreams come true, music has always been her passion, Her ultimate dream to share her story and talent became her mission. Serene's influences growing up have always been artists and vocalists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. Today she is the Lead singer of her world music ensemble "Serene & Salinas" which was established in June'2015. 



Was born in Argentina and became a citizen of the world at the age of 20. Since he was 6 years old his eyes were open to see many things that are wrong in the world, He would say to himself "Oh My God they don’t treat women like they treat us men" He comes from a family full of doctors and military, his father was an exiled war hero from Paraguay and his mother worked with the United Nations in Argentina. "Coco's" career took off at a young age and by the age of fifteen, he was a very well seasoned professional musician. He has performed with Vinicius de Moraes in "La Fusa" Punta del Este, Uruguay; Coco Salinas went on to pursue a solo career in Buenos Aires, often performing with other talented musicians.  Herminio Gimenez was a key component in his musical growth Herminio is one of the greatest Latin American composers of all time. His first guitar classes were taught by Ramon Escude' one of the great flamenco guitarists of Catalunya ,Spain.


Coco Salinas

At the age of 20 years old I was leaving Argentina without my parents knowing to pursue a career in music in Germany, a career they did not support. As I was packing my bags the night before I went to Germany, I looked up to the universe and said “The only thing I ask of you is for someone to please discover me” immediately a big audible voice answered me and said on my left ear “No one is going to discover you” the voice paused as I felt an edge in front of me and continued to say “But you will discover someone, it’s a Lady she is a Dragon in the Chinese Horoscope and Sagittarius in the Occidental Horoscope. I immediately ran to the Echin and after looking through it to see when this person would be born for several minutes, I began to go forward in a time of years to come and this person would not be born until 11 years from now, which when I calculated this was an immense shock of age difference. I closed the book, took off and decided to forget about what happened. Years later there was a small voice within me telling me as I was walking in a plaza in Spain with a now very successful music career “Your wife is being born” and I thought I was going crazy, kept trying to put that behind me. I came to live in the United States after having traveled many parts of Europe; on television shows in Germany, in the Newspapers, composing music for movies and decided it was time to check out the United States. After years of the successful music business in Miami, FL and numerous appearances on soap operas, they began to offer me leading roles but my heart told me that my mission in life is still to make a change on our planet. I began to search for a woman to lead my band with me someone with strong moral values, fearless, talented and kind. 

Music saved my life, at a young age I trained and prepared to carry weapons for a War that was not my own, I chose music instead.


 Serene Salinas

We had both been searching at the same time, I was auditioning for several projects until one day I met a base player who called me up and said “Hey I know someone who is looking for a woman lead singer and think you are a great fit” I said sure I’ll audition. When I arrived being the only woman there of course was scary but I felt in my heart that it was the right person and the right place and time, after many years of my heart longing and feeling that I was going to find a person who respects my moral values and shares my vision to use music to make a positive impact in the world, I knew since the age of 14 this person would be much older that I was, I couldn’t explain it I just knew this day would come. As soon as Coco began to play his guitar and I began to sing, I could feel the powerful energy we both were creating with music without ever having known each other, it was very powerful and real, since this day we have been working together in majors hotels, traveling through cruises around the world sharing our love story with our audience because along the way we fell in love. The audience falls in love with our story and passion for Free energy every time it’s really remarkable. When we both learned  that I was the Dragon of Sagittarius it all made sense to both of us, everything that led us to this place of discovery for both of us.

Big Wall Studios Recording Session "Tu Abrigo"

We get involved by giving performances to the Elderly Retirement Home communities, Children Hospitals like "The Little Lighthouse Foundation”, we give performances and help to festivals that are also creating the movement of Free Energy and Human Evolution such as "The High Vibe Awaken Festival”. We also perform in community events for memorial days; birthdays and we are always open to the community when they need help with humanitarian work. We speak on a daily basis with students from Universities, Doctors, Teachers, Workers and Artists about our project and they absolutely agree with us every time that the world is ready for Love Peace and Harmony. 


We are actively seeking sponsorship. Serene & Salinas are ready to present an exclusive brand and show. Looking for Companies, Film Directors and Partners. Festivals, Corporate Events, Radios, Television, Universities, Colleges, are the venues we are looking for to give live performances and share our "unique story". 

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We look forward to hearing from you  ALL !!!

      Music, Dance & Rhythm is our freedom. 

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